Podcast RSS file generator written in C and based on libxml2.
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podgen – Podcast Generator


This program facilitates adding new episodes to a podcast RSS file. It does
support some iTunes-specific XML tags, which are used by many podcatchers
(not only Apple Podcasts).


1) Build and install:
$ make
$ make install
This installs to /usr/local – for installing to another directory, use
$ PREFIX=/your/path make install

2) Rename test.rss and change the information included. DO NOT DELETE THE
FIRST <item>. One item has to exist for successful program execution;
you can delete the example <item> when you have created your first
episode's entry.

3) Execute:
$ podgen your-podcast.rss
The program will ask for the necessary information. Some of it can be
saved in the configuration file $HOME/.podgen.conf . For the confi-
guration syntax, see the file move-this-to-home-.podgen.conf .

3a) First execution: Delete the example <item> in the RSS file.

4) Upload your RSS file.