Backend für das Xanyl-Projekt - PDF-Stundenpläne des FB IuE an der FH Kiel in ein nutzbares Format überführen
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Xanyl backend parser

This project aims to convert the timetable PDFs from the FB IuE at Fachhochschule Kiel to something usable for some nice frontends.

This branch is ready for the Sommersemester 2020. For the next semester, the override file probably needs to be expanded.

Generic information

This project is currently recommended to be used by a separate user because the paths are hardcoded at the moment. The user will be called xanyl in this document.

Feel free to contact the author if you encounter any problems.

The following directory structure is used:

  • ~/bin: scripts
  • ~/lib: makefiles and other auxiliaries
  • ~/data/vcf: downloaded vCards from FH Kiel's “Personensuche”
  • ~/data/ss20: downloaded PDFs and converted JSON files


Login as the xanyl user (beware ~/.bashrc is actually read):

# su - xanyl

Download current timetables:


Convert to JSON:

$ decrypt


Hendrik Oenings is the initial author of this project. See the AUTHORS file for details.


This project is licensed under the GNU GPL license, version 3. See the COPYING file for details.